notacinta ALLAH

akan AKU palingkan dari tanda-tanda (kekuasaanKU) orang-orang yang menyombong di atas muka bumi tanpa alasan yang benar. Kalaupun mereka melihat tanda-tanda(kekuasaanKU), mereka tetap tidak akan beriman kepadanya. Dan jika mereka melihat kepada jalan yang membawa kepada petunjuk, mereka tetap (tidak) menempuhnya. Yang demikian adalah kerana mereka mendustai ayat-ayat Kami dan mereka selalu lengah terhadapnya

( 9: 146)

Friday, January 25



 macam ni lah muka bila kena bangun pagi jugak :)

holiday sometimes really can drive my writing mechanism so excitedly! ohho. feels like I'm having full free time on ber-blogging and writing and etc laa. if not, like when i'm busy with kuliah or so-whatever-in-the-same-boat-with-that, tak ada langsung haa free time nak write a post pon! and i dunno why. maybe.... maybe.... maybe.... ahhh i don't know what is the reason ponn.


as for this semester break, i'll be home for about 2 months! hihi but tak sampai laa kan. it's still okay. i'm enjoying it now. really. hihi. home is the best place to stay, after all. (bunyik macam selalu pegi overdesea je, :P)

okay, talk about routine- i have a new one compared to sem-break before this.
send my little bro to kindergarten every morning except weekend laa.

 hihi i was so excited with new 'task'. :)))))))))))))))))  hahaha nampak tak, sukanya sayaaaaaa! 

after subuh, i will get him dressed well, breakfast apa yang ada, then send him to tadika. he's only 3 years-old boy lagi pon. haha. that's made me excited more. because every time when wake him up, he will made that 'duckface' and said 'takmau pi skolah' 

alololololoooo comeynye laa pon. but cannot laa boy, u still have to go to tadika, to be a clever boy, aite? that's my answer everytime he refused to go.when i reach the tadika for the first time, i can see he's still so small compared to other kids in the tadika, even he looks tall for me. (mata i dah rabun ke yeee? oh no)

adamsufi, whatever it is, i just want to say, u're still my litle hero! i love you!

routine on taking a good care of litle bro, almost accomplish!
anak seniri pulak bila laa yee.

okay bai!

angah love sufi!

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